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Cup Competitions

The Bill Stickells Cup:

This trophy was introduced in 1979 in memory of a long playing member of the Avengers. It was always awarded to the side that scored the most goals, while undefeated teams had the honour of being listed in the programme the following year.

In 2005 the committee felt that it was a good time to implement a change in the underlying challenge and therefore it was decided that the Bill Stickells Cup would be awarded to the team who most embodied the idea of 'fair play'. This involved teams judging their opponents on the festival style of play and behaviour.

This was decided by ballot with each team awarding their opposition marks from 0 to 4 for their fair conduct throughout the match, (with 4 being excellent). Scores are telephoned into the Festival office at the same time as the results of each game. This proved a popular decision and continued in 2006.

The Bill Stickells Cup 2006 was awarded to The Stags who achieved maximum points in all seven games.

However , in 2007 it was decided to return The Bill Stickells Cup to it's original format , which it was felt encouraged a more exciting game of hockey. The success of the Fair Play Award , however, was not to be cast aside and through the generosity of the management of The Redcliffe Hotel, a new Cup was gifted to Torbay Easter Hockey Festival.       


The Tony Forward Shield
(Previously known as The Redcliffe Cup):

The Redcliffe Cup is awarded for fair play and honourable conduct, voted for by fellow players.

The inaugural Redcliffe Cup in 2007 was shared between the The Oddfellows and the Stags.

2024 will again see all teams competing for the honour of winning two cups, The Bill Stickells  Cup - for the most goals scored throughout the tournament and the Tony Forward Shield - for fair play and honourable conduct, voted for by their fellow players.

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